Congratulations, Halifax

You made a lot of money last night. I lost count of the number of tickets given to ordinary residents for parking near their homes. I lost count of the number of slips of paper I saw during my walk in this morning. I will extrapolate from Woodill Street, however, and assume six cars ticketed per road segment at $25 per ticket and let’s guess conservatively at 1000 Woodill-sized street segments equates to $150,000. Bravo. I really appreciate you using near-downtown residents as a cash till on a night when no snow clearance was occuring or pending. Merry fucking Christmas and a Shitty New Year.

I say this as someone who didn’t get a ticket, as I’ve found a home for my car. Bra-fucking-vo.

Oh, and Andrew Younger and Marilla Stevenson? Shut the fuck up. Stay in your acre-lot subdivisions, you stupid goddam pieces of shit. We apparantly have no room for you on our crowded streets. Mr. Mayor? Thanks for reading my letter. Also, thanks for giving me somewhere to go during my lunch hour.


5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Halifax

  1. Happy new year to my fellow ‘kogers, both registered and otherwise and Dan, your Christmas card is in the top five Christmas cards I’ve ever received. All hail the “greater evil”.


  2. Dang! I wish I heard it. I’ll have to check their archives.

    Ken Reashor’s home number goes directly to the answering machine now, prompting family and friends to leave a message, and prompting ticket complainants to the general HRM inquiry number. I felt bad about that for all of four seconds. I’d probably feel worse if I wasn’t turning into an insomniac, worrying over the car. I wonder how many insomniacs this heartless bastard has created?


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