I never promised you a rose garden

Yours truly watched the Halifax regional council meeting last night, to see if any discussion was held on the unfair parking ban. Dawn Sloane introduced an anti winterban petition (please sign it, unless your name is Marilla) into council, which took all of thirty seconds. No additional motions, items, or any other time was devoted to that issue which has given me and my fellow near-downtown residents crippling insomnia. 30 seconds.

On the other hand, council did spend 30-40 minutes discussing the cost, benefits, dangers, options, aesthetics, and nimbyism involved in removing a series of rose bushes from Dunbrack Street. Job well done, sirs and madams. This, of course, does mean war.


9 thoughts on “I never promised you a rose garden

  1. Bev?

    Is there something you’d like to share with the group, Bri?

    I’m remaining silent on this subject, I will point out that St. John’s has a similar blanket ban, and it seems to be the best solution – if memory serves, alternate side parking was tried and didn’t work, probably due to the fact that people who can’t be bothered to hunt up parking spaces for their cars aren’t going to make the effort to change their parking habits anyway. I will, however, agree that the geography for Halifax and St. John’s is different enough – for one thing, most of our downtown streets are so narrow that even limiting the parking to one side of the street would still pose a problem for plowing.


  2. I thought St. John’s still had alternate side parking. I must have been reading old articles (which is very likely).

    Actually, I’ve seen temporary bans come down in places like Windsor and Winnepeg in the past few days. The key being that those bans have been situational. They’ve declared them in anticipation (or after) a large snowfall and lifted them quickly afterwards. I’m on the fence on that solution, as the problem here has always been that there are no nearby places to hide the cars. There were, before the area became so gentrified and sprouted so many condos, but many of the once-empty lots have disappeared. It’s certainly not as bad as a blanket ban, so long as the private lot holders don’t ‘randomly’ decide to jack up their prices on snow nights.

    Dawn – I do appreciate the petition being put into the minutes, but I was really hoping that more discussion would evolve around the problem. Rules be damned.


  3. I should add that many more local residents now own cars (myself included) than when I moved to this part of town in 1999-2000. Part of the gentrification, I guess, along with house prices going from $150-180K up to $300K+ around me. I really can’t afford to live around my neighbours anymore. 😉


  4. It’s a bit more complicated than that actually, they have a outright parking ban outside the downtown core. For the downtown core, they have a hotline number you can call to see when weather conditions would call for a parking ban, and there’s a middle area between the two where overnight parking is allowed on one side of the street, but it doesn’t alternate. A similar system might work for Halifax, as I said before I don’t think alternating street sides will really work, since it depends on an a higher level of civic responsibility, and judging from the number of people I see idling their cars in the fire lanes of supermarkets, shopping malls, and box stores, that’s few and far between. (Hey, there’s an idea for a stimulus package – allow the stores to raise revenue by ticketing those people; granted it’s helping out stores like Wal-Mart, but since I’m not affected, I’m actually okay with that)


  5. Hi Tim, sorry for the delay posting your comment above, it got put in the spam filter for some reason. Probably the link.

    Have they had the debate about the dangers of roses to cats yet? It’s a tragedy in the waiting, and I think they really need to get on that right away.


  6. There are councillors who called “dibs” on the uprooted roses, I believe with tongues in cheeks (Uteck and McCluskey did for sure). This plague of roses could be dispersed across the whole city!


  7. Look at the bright side, Bri – the St. John’s City Council has decided that the Clear and Present Danger here seems to be Tim Horton’s drive-thrus


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