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Being religious doesn’t make it law…

The argument underpinning Winston Blackmore’s defence against charges of polygamy is summed up in one sentance, a sentance that highlights my problem with the public role that religion plays in our nominally secular society:

“This is not about polygamy. To us, this is about religious persecution, for persecution has always been about politics”

The fact that polygamy is actually illegal doesn’t matter, the fact that Blackmore and his ilk believe that fucking teens celestial marriages are God’s Will ™ frees them from mere mortal constructs such as the law of the land. It’s the same argument that frees churches across the land to institutionalize homophobia and provide it corporate sponsorship and political clout.

Religion is not an opt-out clause on legality and it cannot be allowed to be used as a Get Out of Jail Free card for its followers. If it can, then we must be prepared to allow slavery, the death penalty, homophobia, lynching, child abuse, and a host of other currently illegal activities for the same reasons. 

Personally, I’m looking forward to stoning someone for something,  anything. Just once, because I know it wouldn’t be long before it was my fate, too.

This would be quite a can of worms to open.


4 thoughts on “Being religious doesn’t make it law…

  1. So … according to Blackmore’s logic, if you wanted to practice the old Aztec religion, you know, the one where you sacrifice victims by cutting out their hearts, that would be acceptable under ‘Freedom of Religion’ protections?


  2. Good post and great comment by leftdog.

    While it’s true that polygamy in Canada is illegal, the law itself might be challenged in terms of the Charter. But then the issue becomes one of the advancement of social or human rights and freedoms, not religious rights and freedoms.

    Religion is irrelevant to the case.


  3. Nice one, Kev. and excellent comments, as well. A topic that I shall continue to follow, as I have in the past.
    In very basic terms, my question will always be: why should the self-serving consensus opinion of a small group with aberrant beliefs have any special status?
    While loath to encourage the ‘traditional family’ view, the standard in Western society for quite some time has been a couple or dyad, not a triad or more. We have advanced (in most places, I’m looking at you, California) far enough that we are less likely to judge based on the sex or gender composition of the dyad, but polygamy or polyandry is unacceptable from a social perspective and unnecessary from a demographic perspective. If there were a devastating plague that resulted in a surplus of one sex or the other, then I could see something like polygamy being acceptable, informally and temporarily, until the population reaches balanced levels. In the current demographic situation, all you are doing is narrowing the gene pool, resulting in the inevitable degradation of heritable traits such as intelligence and the ability to think rationally…

    Oh, I totally get it now.


  4. It will be an interesting case because many or most of his wives were american. If the unions were not legal marriages and merely cohabitation, why did Canada support them like unwed mothers?

    What the INS & RCMP knew 8 years ago;

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    Canada Geograms December of 2000;


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