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That’s a good question…

Will Durst asks a great question, “what do you call a group of past, present, and future presidents?” Los POTUS
A corruption? An incompetence? An ambition?


4 thoughts on “That’s a good question…

  1. I looked online for interesting names of groups of animals and thought maybe some of those would apply well to this group.

    A pandemonium of presidents (parrots) as this is what they do best to create.
    A pod of presidents (whales) They tend to get fat off of the tax payer.
    An implausibility of presidents (gnus) this one is an obscure one but I liked how it fit.
    A smack of presidents (Jellyfish) Don’t you just want to do this to them when they are around?
    A wedge of presidents (geese in V formation) Kinda fits how they choose their issues in an election.
    A murder of presidents (crows) Some can say the president’s are ultimately responsible for the actions of their administration’s acts.
    A plague of presidents (rats) that one says it all.

    Well I hope you enjoy these.


  2. Considering the present (for the next 10 days) President is front and center, wouldn’t a ‘Clod of Presidents’ be more apropos?


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