Joe the Fuckwhit

America is still proud of being dumb as balls

As you might have heard, Joe the Dipshit Plumber has been hired to try his hand as a foreign correspondent by some television network in Buttfuck, NW. TBogg’s got a clip of video of the pinata of stupidity (TBogg’s phrase, I love it!) at work – it’s worth a look. Judging from his fine work here, it’s only a matter of time before he gets hired to try his hand at pediatric oncology.

I’m not sure if my favorite part is the whole “foreign correspondent” can’t speak a complete fucking sentance thing, the “foreign correspondents shouldn’t be reporting on war” thing, or the “I’m standing in front of a wall full of spent rocketry and don’t know what question to ask” thing. I honestly think he is so stupid that he doesn’t have any idea he did nothing to deserve any of what has happened to him over the past few months, that he honestly thinks some kind of “inner brilliance” was caught on camera last fall and that he can pull this shit off without working or even trying.

The perfect headstone for the Bush Presidency, in other words.

P.S. The Right in the US is still waaaaaaayyyy too proud of being dumb as dirt. Are you idiots that voted for them ashamed yet?

2 thoughts on “America is still proud of being dumb as balls

  1. Personally, I’m happy that Joe’s still milking the media exposure – there’s 4 Republican Senators retiring in 2010, and while Sam Brownback’s seat is safe, the other 3 are in states that are trending more and more Democrat. So frankly, the more the American public gets to see of the right-wing’s hero, the better….


  2. As a pediatric oncologists should be creeping up to that $250,000/year salary mark that Joe was all worried about being taxed heavily on during the election campaign.

    I love the body language shown by the other camera man as he turned and raised his eyes as if to say “What a moron!”. The Isreali soldier does a great job of not slapping Joe silly for putting him through this unjournalism.


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