Good bye

So say 236, so say we all:

Bye, asshole

As we look forward, let us not lose sight of the fact that George Bush lead a government of self-destructive kleptocrats that gutted the US economy for personal lucre, lead the nation (and half the world) into two wars and out of none, rode the middle class like a twenty-dollar whore for the benefit of his fraternity of wealthy benefactors, and sacrificed the liberty of an erstwhile free nation on the alter of fear, to use that fear as a weapon in an attempt to establish a “permanent” Republican government.

Good-bye you fucking asshole, and know that when that final pretzel comes with your name on it, there will be those of us who will cheer, with a tear that it came too late to be anything more than poetry.

Yeah, I’m angry and bitter. And yes, I’m glad that a bigger man than I won office.


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