Today we celebrate the end of an error

Woot! Those of us who are still alive can celebrate the end of something bad and the start of something good (I hope) with these links:

Adios douche bag

Daily Kos – The promised land

In the immortal words of Doug: One down, one to go.

I’ll end with a plea to Obama: Please, please, please task someone important and competent to investigate the previous administration. The law is nothing if those who flaunt it are allowed to go unpunished. Don’t be weak and conciliatory just because Fox News is begging you to be. These cockroaches will stop at nothing to ruin your presidency. It would be best for you to remind the people of their crimes first, before they are allowed to define their own legacies.

Also: fix the goddam mess they made.


5 thoughts on “Today we celebrate the end of an error

  1. One small thought – if Dick Cheney wanted to dispell the image of him as an evil mastermind – the wheelchair isn’t the way to go. All he needed was a white cat and he could be the guest villian in the next Bond movie.


  2. Well, supposedly the story is that he hurt his back ‘lifting boxes’ – suuurrrre he did, I’ll bet Ye White House Shredder is mighty worn out this morning.


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