Random hits…

  1. Obama’s election does not mean black kids can now dream of becoming president – it ain’t that equal yet. If one of Obama’s daughters turns out to be a complete and utter moron and then manages to get elected president based on parentage, only then are things equal.
  2. Amanda at Pandagon feels that the inclusion of “non-believers” in his inaugural address is a big honking deal. I’m not so sure (but I’m holding out hope (TM)!), but it looks like the American Humanist Association thinks that there’s something in BHO’s background that provides some hope.
  3. Do you think Iggie reads polls? I hope so.

5 thoughts on “Random hits…

  1. I dunno Kev, I think you’re just reading part of the poll numbers there – granted the idea of a coalition is gaining headway, but I’ll point out that the poll shows 49 percent of the respondents would prefer to see an election, and that the Tories are still polling a slight lead. Since Iggy’s already on record as saying the Liberals aren’t ready for another election, and “liberal insiders’ have said the Libs don’t want to take over the government right now – they’d rather let Harper take the blame for the upcoming economic downturn. Personally, I think that strategy is going to come back and bite them on the ass – if they keep saying ‘we don’t want to form the government right now’ then I suspect the electorate will keep granting their wish come next election.

    P.S. I might also add that given the fact that most of Iggy’s team is coming from Rosedale, I have to confess that, as a hockey fan, hearing a bunch of Torontonians talk about the ‘need to rebuild’ is not exactly filling me with confidence…


  2. Yeah – the word ‘rebuilding’ suggests that you have some kind of architectural-type plan as to what direction you should take – the Leafs seem to be making the same mistake they’ve always made – the only difference being that Brian Burke’s strategy seems to be trade for all the players Anaheim’s willing to give away. As for the Libs, they’re on what – the 5th Renewal Committee since 2006? Plus, I’ll note that the present committees have Zero membership from the Young Liberals, and Zero from the rank and files – basically, it’s the same old message of ‘we’ll listen to what you’ve got to say, but there’s SFA chance we’ll actually let you have any choice in the decision making process. If the Liberals are going to invoke Obama as a symbol of change they might actually take a look at how Obama won the election – he didn’t win via committees, he won by mobilizing the troops to get the message out. Plus, Iggy doesn’t come near to matching Obama’s charisma, in truth, he’s closer to John Kerry for style…


  3. I don’t think any one particular player is the answer – my only concern is whether Brian Burke’s trading for him is because he’s a good fit for where he wants the team to be in 2 years or whether it’s simply because it was simply because he knew May from his time in the Ducks and was available to be traded for. I’m holding off judgement until the trade deadline – if the Leafs do nothing, or trade some of their older or lesser players for younger players or draft picks, then there might be hope. If however, they trade a 1st round draft pick to get Sean Avery, then Kevvyd can look forward to another year of watered-down, salty beer from crying into it….


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