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Dear Canada… We’re Screwed.

Well, another Speech from the Reichstag Throne has come and gone.  As the transcript shows, it is long on ominous messages, short on helpful detail. Is it just me, or are these speeches getting more and more like the old-timey collections of short, unconnected phrases they used to get the populace riled up?

I’m sure there’s more than a few people who find the homespun rhetoric about weathering the storm or facing doom and/or not doing a collective lemming off a cliff comforting, but I found the whole experience wanting. If I wanted an insincere greeting card sentiment, I would head for the Hallmark store rather than wasting my time and expecting word one about any solid or well-considered plan for helping my country.  All I heard was a ratcheting up of the anxiety level, and a reminder that really nice politicians don’t threaten to bring down governments, especially governments associated so closely with unicorns, sunshine and rainbows.

The indication that the government has listened to Canadians from all walks of life… well, I’ll believe it when something is actually done to benefit Canadians from any walk of life. There’s a difference between listening and actually hearing or understanding our concerns. The current “Steve Harper,” government wants to, in all instances, portray itself as the sweater-vest wearing, hand-holding party that cares, not like those other meanies.

Yes, they do care, as long as you hear and obey – make the economic crisis into a buying opportunity! Cripple opposing political parties! And, my personal favorite, make it possible for moral, emotional and intellectual morons to decide what the rest of us see and hear!

Yes, it’s all warm and fuzzy here in Steveland, come join us by the fire. Just try not to notice it’s Parliament burning.


8 thoughts on “Dear Canada… We’re Screwed.

  1. A couple of other things struck me about that speech too.

    And, BTW, what about all that pomp and circumstance? It’s so darn silly: little boys dressing up in daddy’s uniform and strutting like chickens.


  2. Except that by comparison, chickens have some dignity.
    Good point, though, cutting to the chase would be a lot more effective, and convincing, to be honest.
    Liked your post on the speech, BTW.


  3. I have to disagree here – the ‘pomp and circumstance’ hardly began with the Tories, it’s traditional for Parliament, dating back to its beginnings. If you’re going to criticize the speech, attack it on points of substance (or lack of), attacking the pages for their costumes just comes across as petty and small-minded.

    Besides criticizing the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of something called ‘The Speech from the Throne’ kind of indicates an inability to understand the basic concept…


  4. Knock it off, Dan. I discussed my disappointment with the substance (or lack thereof) in my post. A discussion in the comments is just that: a discussion. I understand the origins of the ceremony, with there being a formal request from the monarch’s representative to attend in the upper chamber and all that. I don’t think it needs to be televised. Can we take as a given that it occurred and move to the substance of a speech that is supposed to give the public confidence that the government is going to do its part to address Canada’s part in a global crisis and potentially indicate whether there may be an historic coalition, a federal election or business as usual?
    Feel free to stop reading what I write, preferably before you proceed to insult me.


  5. Today’s the day. I expect to see tax cuts for people above my pay grade, and very little actually delivered in terms of infrastructure. Maybe Stevie learned his lesson and will surprise us, but I’ve never trusted the weasel and am not about to start trusting him no.

    Also, today’s the day when we learn the answer to one simple question: Is Iggy a man or a mouse?


  6. I missed this yesterday, being sick and all. I didn’t see any mention of how gimping the government with meaningless tax cuts somehow improves its ability to manage the economy in times of crisis. And, oh, is there a statement about bipartisanship in there? If Iggy is idiot enough to fall for that again, I give up on the Gliberals.


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