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I Hear You, Brother.


If you haven’t seen Dark Knight, he deserves all the attention. Really.


10 thoughts on “I Hear You, Brother.

  1. Given all the attention it’s received this season, I kinda want to see Slumdog Millionaire.!

    Of course, you know that I loved the Dark Night. I was fairly pissed that the Academy ignored it outside of Heath Ledger’s role. But then I remembered that the Academy Awards are pretty much a waste of my time and yours. Kinda like All-Star games.

    PS – I watched a five-minute trailer for The Watchmen this morning, while waiting to head out. Looks good, visually, but I fear over the quality of the actors from the clips I saw. We’ll see.


  2. Re: The Watchmen – I’m a bit concerned that according to reports, Zack Snyder changed the ending from the origanal book finish – not trying to give away spoilers, but I always liked the ironic quality of the book finish.

    As for the Academy and The Dark Knight – meh, genre films almost never get any respect from the Academy, with the notable exception of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m surprised the Academy hasn’t set up a Fantasy/Sci-Fi category, that way they can ghettocise them, the same way they did with the Animated category


  3. No matter how good, Watchmen cannot live up to the original graphic novel. I confess that “Slumdog Millionaire” is starting to intrigue me as well.

    I approach the Oscars as I approach the Grammys – they are an indication of who is provided with sufficient funds for ‘gifts’ (bribes) to the members of the Academy, not an indication of who is the most talented. To compare one performance to another is a somewhat laughable concept in any case, at least at a high level. One could assume that an Oscar winner’s performance would be better than those of the cast of “Plan 9 from Outer Space”. Although not always…


  4. I haven’t really bothered with the Grammy’s for quite some time, so I can’t speak for them. On the Oscars, my take on them is that the awards have less to do with the quality of the performance, and more to do with how much PR the respective studios have been able to drum up, some other checklist criteria ( a friend of mine once noted that the sure way to an Oscar was to portray someone who was either physically or mentally disabled or an alcoholic – also for actresses, a sure-fire approach is to make yourself look unattractive). Personal politics also play a role, to be sure – for instance, Heath Ledger isn’t going to win the Oscar because of his performance in the Dark Knight, he’s going to get one because they didn’t give him an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain, an all too common instance where the right decision gets made for the wrong reasons.

    As for Watchman, I’ll agree with Flash, although to be fair, Alan Moore’s works tend to be very hard to adapt to screen – the only two instances I can think of where it almost worked were “V for Vendetta” and the episode of Justice League International where they adapted ‘For the Man Who Has Everything”


  5. My apologies – I got my comic books and series confused, I meant to say ‘Justice League Unlimited’

    Mike, you could very well be right about Mickey Rourke – I’ve heard a lot of good things about the movie. I will note however, that Mickey plays a wrestler with a heart condition and a drug and alcohol problem, so my friend’s disabled/drunk theory still holds…


  6. I’ve got a friend who has copies of ‘Slumdog’ and ‘The Wrestler’, so I’ll have to check them out, if they are of decent quality.

    Dan: excellent point – that episode was well-done, given that the nuances would have to be sacrificed for the half-hour kids’ cartoon format. The original story still impresses me, with the Bolland art as a bonus. “V for Vendetta’ was a really good film, but you kinda have to keep it at arm’s length from the original.
    Miller’s ‘Sin City’ was excellent as well, although ‘The Spirit’ seems to be getting as much positive word of mouth as a turd in a punchbowl. Whether it is Miller’s direction or the vagueness or non-cinematic quality of Eisner’s original, who knows?
    I just borrowed ‘Wanted’ from a friend, but have no expectation that it will kick one-tenth the buttock of the original comics. I urge you and everyone else to read the collected miniseries. Blow your mind.


  7. From what I’ve seen and heard of ‘The Spirit’ I agree with Peter David’s assessment that the film seems to be at war with itself – you’ve got a ‘Sin City’-esque black-and-white palette with a colourful over-the-top performance by Samuel L. Jackson and an overly subdued performance by Gabriel Macht as the title character. Actually, given your fondness for 70’s era Sci-Fi, you should be concerned about Miller’s next project – he’s been slated for ‘Buck Rogers’

    Haven’t seen ‘Wanted’ yet – might rent it out sometime – but from what I’ve seen it bears as much resemblence to the original miniseries as a typical Glenn Beck rant bears to reality – which is to say none.

    As for the ‘inner geek’ – I do miss it, but what with job searching, going back to university part-time, and trying to have a social life, I just don’t have the time to devote to it that I should.


  8. I have to lend you The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay when I finish it (and after Sara finishes it), Flash. Remind me that I mentioned it sometime. In a month or so. 🙂


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