The coalition is alive and well

The coalition that we’ve “enjoyed” for the past while, anyway. The conservatives get to continue destroying our future, while the liberals will continue to make weak noises in the corner. We will continue to see corporate welfare for irresponsible financiers, but no welfare for unfortunate individuals. Ignatieff has just given Harper the green light to continue as though he won a majority. Major infrastructure projects will continue to get logjammed on Flaherty’s desk, all while he points to the pile of money not being spent and claiming that he’s helping us, bless our hearts. We will spin deeper into this recession while sensible western countries start taking steps to claw their way out. We are going to be left far behind our neighbours to the south if Obama is serious about kick-starting a green economy. This is Liberal leadership. Why do people still vote for these spineless weasels?


11 thoughts on “The coalition is alive and well

  1. The worst of it is that when Obama kick-starts the economy, some benefit will rebound onto Canada, and Harper and the Cons will be more than happy to take credit for it. So basically, the inevitable result is going to be that Harper and his Merry Band of Idiots are going to come across as economic geniuses, while the Liberals get left out in the cold – the NDP and the Bloc are never going to trust them enough to form any kind of coalition, and they’ve managed to piss away any support they ever had in the West and Quebec.


  2. A coalition is alive and well, but it isn’t THE coalition.

    It’s a new Libercon-Neocon coalition and if the first coup was “bad”, this one is worse by being a double coup. (1-dislodging the liberal pro-coalitionist leader and 2-creating a liberal-con coalition)

    Call it what it is: a libercon-neocon coalition and it is horrible.


  3. Here’s my take on last nights “budget” – it is the Conservative manifesto writ in stone. There are in fact some significant one-off expenditures, but they are a temporary smoke screen for the tax cuts that are going to continue to dig into the government’s capacity to do useful work in the future. To make nice with the general public’s concern with the economy, Harper has put in some projects that might or might not get off the ground because of the requirement for matching provincial and municipal funds, but the meat of the budget is tax cuts. We are piling on more debt while at the same time reducing the government’s ability to pay it off, making cuts to programs a requirement of future budgets.

    It’s mean-spirited Conservative bullshit from top to bottom and Ignatieff is an embarassment for backing it.

    Don’t be so sure Obama is going to kickstarting anything. It looks like he might be falling into the same tax-cut trap that Harper is set on. We are witnessing two governments that haven’t the stones to handle the crisis before them. Ours won’t because it is too ideologically restricted to see that the government actually has a role in the economy and the Americans because the Democrats have a reflexive spinelessness that makes them twitch whenever a Republican airs a grievance. In the end, one doesn’t accept the inherent balance that a Keynesian approach provides, and the other will water Keynesian measures down with half-hearted and costly attempts to mollify a temporarily defanged opposition.

    Before this is done, we will have watched them turn a recession into a depression.


  4. LiberCon would be a better way of putting it – it posits an unholy marriage of great evils. One question – how exactly are the Liberals planning to argue in the next election that the Conservatives are unfit to govern and that we should vote for them, when they’ve just made it abundantly clear they don’t want the job?


  5. Flaherty went to buy new shoes, Iggy should have bought big white gloves and red shorts with big buttons. If he’s going to act like a mouse, he should try to look the part.


  6. LOL Flash! You didn’t describe just any old mouse, but Mickey Mouse. Is it just me, or do other hear an Eastern Seaboard accent whenever Ignatieff speaks?

    The LPC sure f*cked up by appointing Ignatieff to the helm. What a disgrace. I sure hope the economy doesn’t tank as badly as the IMF predicted or else many will be devastated.


  7. B.Y., it seems to me that the Libs have just replaced the stooge with the academic android. How on earth they expect him to connect with the average voter is completely beyond me – if Rick Mercer can’t humanize you, there’s no hope.
    Obama is someone who pulls off superior intelligence with charisma – Mickey’s stats are front-loaded to ‘I’m smarter than you.’ We all know how well that goes over with the proletariat.


  8. Speaking of Rick Mercer, he said it best 2 years ago – the problem with Ignatieff isn’t that he’s the smartest guy in the room, it’s that he acts like it:


    And that sums up the other problem Mickey has in comparison with Obama – Barack comes across as genuinely humble, not sure if it’s an act, but it’s one he pulls off. That’s a distinction lost on the Kool-Aid Kontingent over on Libblogs, who are falling over themselves to proclaim this as a masterstroke of genius…


  9. “That’s a distinction lost on the Kool-Aid Kontingent over on Libblogs, who are falling over themselves to proclaim this as a masterstroke of genius…”

    But that is liberal genuflex. Ditto when Martin was the second coming, and also with Dion. If one challenges this – Iggy is our Trudeau – they freak and wrap (warp perhaps?) themselves in the liberal Canadians flag.
    At least there are some liberals who are not that in love with Iggy, and are holding out. This is has to do with the past leadership race, the coalition, and Iggy’s Gaza stance.


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