Warren Kinsella uses racist slur, tries to hide it

This is really beyond the pale, and demands at least an apology if not a resignation (he’s one of Iggy’s advisors, in case you’re wondering WhoTF Kinsella is):

Original page (from google cache):

Back in the Big Owe for a couple weeks, so what better way to kick things off than with some BBQ cat and rice at the Yang Sheng, hangout of our youth? Yay!

(my emphasis)

Updated page:

Time for the best soup, at the best Chinese restaurant in the world – where I have been coming for 30 years.

And where people whose party talks about “Asian invasions” aren’t welcome.

I hate the fact that this is all over the Conservative blogs, and not the Liberal or Dipper blogs. Let’s change that! Warren Kinsella is, after all, the worse kind of partisan. The kind who attacks his foes for being just like him.

21 thoughts on “Warren Kinsella uses racist slur, tries to hide it

  1. It is mentioned in all of the major national Chinese language newspapers. Sing Tao and World Journal, two of the largest, had huge stories on it.

    Liberals looking real bad here.


  2. So you’ve decided to attack him in a partisan manner as retaliation? How nice.

    Warren has been fighting right wing hate groups most of his life. There is no way he is a racist or a bigot.


  3. Hey, I posted about this over at my blog early this morning as well. Only after my Chinese friend brought it up to me. That’s the only reason I heard about it. The Liberals really should be self-policing this issue.


  4. First off, I’ll be honest – I don’t like Warren Kinsella, I think he’s a mouthy, arrogant SOB who spent the last 3 years whining because Paul Martin didn’t keep him on after he took over the Liberals.

    That being said, I don’t think the comment was meant to be racist – and I’ll explain. I’m taking Folklore 1000 as my elective this term at Memorial, and the previous week’s discussion topic was racist jokes and comments. One of the points brought up was that there are things that you can say among a smaller select circle of friends, i.e. Newfie Jokes, Blond Jokes, etc that would be inappropriate in a larger context. That, to me, looks like the case here – I think it was simply a knee-jerk comment – idiotic, yes, but not, by pure definition, racist.

    That having been said, we have to look at Kinsella’s subsequent actions – had he apologized and said, ‘It was stupid, and I’m sorry’, I’d be more inclined to forgive him. However, to cover up the original comment and pretend he never made it, moves the bar a little closer, not necessarily racist, but at best, insensitive and stupid. So, I’ll agree with you that an apology is in order. Resignation – maybe, not for the comment itself, but for the fact that in the larger scheme of things, I think Iggy taking Kinsella on is a mistake and another indication that Iggy’s totally misread the campaign down south – Obama won by running what was, for the most part, a clean campaign – he stayed on message, and calmly made his point. Warren doesn’t do calm, he’s an attack dog, and with him involved, Iggy’s campaign is going to look more like Sarah Palin’s.

    As for the blogosphere – the Dippers will probably pick it up, as for the Liblogs – some might, but they’ll be the outliers, the one’s that aren’t Riding Association members, but are blogging because they like the Liberals, or at least their local MP, and don’t like the Conservatives. The A-Listers, the one’s who blog every day and like to posit themselves as ‘Liberal insiders’, will either sweep it under the rug, or come out with comments like ‘Warren can’t be a bigot, because he’s a Liberal, and only right-wingers are racist’, which is, in itself, a stupid comment – there are racists on the left wing – all you have to do is look at the U.S. Campaign and Google the term ‘PUMAs’


  5. I think it adds up to an incredibly idiotic public repetition of a stereotype – one that at the very least deserves an apology.
    If the name of the game (and I have no doubt that he would adopt the same tactic) is semantic Bingo, where you try to catch your opponent in a display of stupidity, putting a statement like that on a blog, even temporarily, is an egregious lapse of political judgment.


  6. Getting all up in Kinsella’s face over one incident is kind of like saying Gretzky was a great hockey player because he scored a lot of goals once in 1984 against the Islanders. You’d be missing the bigger picture. That Kinsella is a go-to guy at all for politicians shows how “immoral” that ‘sport’ is. It’s like hiring Don Matthews thinking you’re going to get a warm and fuzzy team.


  7. Exactly Flash, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that if a Conservative made this comment, that Kinsella, and his defenders, would be the first ones screaming ‘racist right-wingers!’


  8. Racist slur? Where? Cat and Rice? Have you been to China? I have just returned from a two year stay in China as a visiting prof. Cat and dog are both acceptable items on the menu of many restaurants. You need to rethink the word “racism” rather than shouting the word so foolishly. If you want to hunt for real racist issues I am sure that you can find more than enough in the backrooms and in the living rooms of most conservative Canadians – issues dealing with Chinese, Japanese, Africans, First Nations, Mexicans, Philipinos … too much even. I’d like you to try and explain how that was racist. And yes, I noted that the original page has been edited. Kinsella is smart enough to edit when people get into nitpicking in corners where there is not enough light for wisdom.


  9. warren kinsella has the weakest understanding of racism.

    he thinks racism is limited to overt episodes of hate speech.

    as a lame ass liberal, he can’t understand racism as an institutionalized component of Canadian capitalism — something rooted in the patterns of colonialism, class exploitation, white settlement, and militarism in Canada.

    he also thinks that supporting zionism (the jewish colonization of palestine and the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous arabs) is a form of anti-racism — what an f’n joke.

    the guy is totally unqualified to speak or think about anti-racism in particular, and canadian politics more broadly.

    he is a right-wing hack for the neoconservative current in the liberal party — as his allegiance to Michael ‘bomb the arabs’ Ignatieff demonstrates.


  10. I heart the Kool-Aid brigade. Especially those who think that defending one culture makes a person immune to racism against others.

    I’m willing to accept that Warren made his comment thoughtlessly and edited it after someone pointed out the connotation to him. But he should have apologized to anyone offended by it, rather than ignoring the predictable response. Maybe volunteer to take a sensitivitity workshop while he’s at it.


  11. Wanderingypsies:

    Really? It was a harmless remark? Then I suppose all the Chinese language papers that are upset are right-wing, or did that minor detail escape your razor-sharp intellect?

    Furthermore, doing some quick digging we find a couple of things:


    First off, your statement that ‘dog and cat are both acceptable items on restaurant menus’ is a lie – it’s confined to the more rural provinces. Furthermore, your statement only makes sense if Warren was talking about going to a restaurant in *China*, he was talking about a restaurant in Canada where, not only isn’t cat or dog on the menu, but statements like his and yours can cost it business and earn it a visit from the Health Inspection Board. Next time, why don’t you look up the term ‘Non Sequiter’ before you go spouting bullshit?

    As for approving of the editing – really? Then I take it you’d be okay with one of your students asking to take back their term paper, so they can rewrite and get a higher mark? I’m not sure what the rules are for whatever bumfuck “institute of higher learning’ backwater you teach at, but the rules *I’ve* always seen for students is that they should stand by their words/actions and accept the consequences of them.

    To finish – No, wanderinggypsies, I’ve never been to China, but I’ve known people who have. And I know of people who’ve come from there. One of them was a young 22 year old named Xin Yang, a MUN graduate who was decapitated at Virgina Tech last week. And frankly, to see a pustulant asshole like youself piss on her culture by peddling lies, intelectual laziness and sloppy scholarship in the name of partisanship disgusts me beyond words. If you are a prof (which personally I doubt), you’re living proof that the tenure system isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.


  12. Before people continue to defend Warren Kinsella, maybe you should watch the Youtube video he posted of himself talking about the Chinese restaurant. Not only does he insult Chinese-Canadians, but he also slanders an Ottawa business and makes a sexist comment.


  13. Um… Can we agree that regardless of his political affiliation, it was a really, really politically unwise thing to write on a blog? Especially if you are a ‘public figure’?


  14. You’re right, Flash, it was unwise – as Brian says, I’m willing to believe it was said without thinking. I’m even willing to accept that he’s not racist, or at the very least, I’d need more evidence than this to believe he is. My issue was with his subsequent actions, editing his entry to make it look like he never made the comment in the first place is not only stupid (as Bri demonstrated, the original entry still exits in cyberspace), but it’s dishonest, and that to me, is more disturbing – if someone is willing to lie to his blog audience to make himself look good, how are we supposed to trust anything he says?


  15. Did anyone watch that video utube clip? This is not only time he has made comments in relationship to Chinese people and eating cat. He’s got a problem. No wonder when he ran as a liberal in BC, he never won.


  16. I saw the “apology” complete with a back drop of a globe coincidentally displaying China, a picture of a child who might be Chinese, and a paper sign in Chinese “I’m sorry.”

    Seriously?!? It’s laughable. Instead of actually offering a truly remorseful apology on his blog, he couldn’t help himself, but take some pot shots at Alice Wong and Jason Kenney. These two aren’t my favorite people, but why make it about the PCs? I’m actually quite glad to discover the ugly underside of the Liberal Party of Canada. I was willing to give Iggy a chance even though he did support the Iraq war. Now, I’m at a loss as to who I will vote for.


  17. Yes it was unwise and he surely knows that Conservatives scan the bloggers for something like that to magnify.
    I boycotted reading any of his posts after his proIsrael position, and his dissing of the Coalition, although I did visit this week to see the Obama photos.
    In my opinion he plays “the boys will be boys game” in the big Old Boys club.


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