Is there a particular Metro Transit ad you can’t bear to look at?

Halifax Joins Vatican-Dominated Italy as Only Jurisdictions in Western World to Refuse Atheist Ads*

*Author’s note – Apparently, Victoria and Ottawa refuse to run the ads as well, so this title should read “Halifax ,Victoria, and Ottawa join Vatican-dominated Italy as Only Jurisdictions in Western World to Refuse Atheist Ads … I know someone will nitpick about this copied title, so I made it more accurate. (updated to reflect Dr. Dawg’s comment about the Axis. I would refer to it as a continental pact of worry-warts, myself. ;))

Anyway, the linked blog does a good job of discussing Metro Transit’s position. I want to draw attention to the following explanation by Metro Transit:

“We’re a public transit system first, and then we sell advertising,” Lori Patterson, spokewoman for Metro Transit, told CBC News on Monday.

“So, if anytime we feel there’s a message that could be controversial and upsetting to people, we don’t necessarily sell the ads.”

I am posting this to ask fellow Haligonians who ride the bus: Have you ever seen an ad that upset you? Good news! Metro Transit will pull said ad (or so I assume). Please take note of any ads which upset you the next time you ride, and direct your censorship request sense of outrage over any spontaneous bleeding of your eyes to:

Lori Patterson, Public Affairs, Transit Services.
Phone: 902-490-6609
Email: patterl@halifax.ca


13 thoughts on “Is there a particular Metro Transit ad you can’t bear to look at?

  1. I guess the prohibition against sex or nudity is to be expected – even if suggested sex and implied nudity is a staple of advertising …. but it is not often that you hear of an idea rejected for its’ intellectual content. Perhaps something extolling the virtues of Nazism – but if anyone connected the two (no god = fascism) there would be no and of shit flying about.


  2. Tim,

    There’s something wrong with that link. It takes me to a complaint about destroyed Herring Cove wetlands. I can see the title of the complaint it’s supposed to open, but just the title (as a link).



  3. If that’s the case Dan then I’ll be hauled off to the Hague any day now. At least I’ll have you guys there with me for support. Maybe we can all go grab a beer after our trial. Metro Transit pulled that ad for one reason. God-botherers complain louder than atheists could be bothered to and the last thing that Metro Transit needs is something else that pisses off the customers. For better or worse this is pretty much a non-issue here in Halifax but I’m confident in stating that had the ads stayed up the screaming protests would have made national news.


  4. I just finished reading Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation and I think he just done committed a war crime or sumthin. I highly recommend it, but you might end up in the cell next to Slobodan Milosovic apparently.

    Can we grow up and dump this religious infantalism already? What fucking century is this, anyway?


  5. Sorry about that… I’ll get the web guy on it. Here’s the text:

    The ad “shows a dejected-looking man, in a suit, sitting on a bench with a bus stop sign beside it,” explains On Patrol tipster Karen McKendry. “The accompanying text reads: ‘Good people can have bad credit. Need a car?’ Ouch! So, people who have bad credit are forced to take the lame-o city bus? Talk about a horribly anti-public-transit message…and on a city bus no less!” Cormier says the ad slipped through Metro Transit’s vetting process, but was caught last month and should’ve been removed by now. “I’ll have to make a phone call,” she says.

    You can see it here, if you scroll down:


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