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Among the list of bad ideas…

A privatized judicial system has to rank somewhere near the top. Oh, America, is there nothing you can’t fuck up with capitalism and simple greed?


3 thoughts on “Among the list of bad ideas…

  1. Actually, that is a privatized detention system, not judicial system.

    I have no issues with polycentric law, the problem is, you can’t have monopoly control of sentencing at the same time as competitive private control of detention – as this story shows, that is simply a profit driven incentive for corruption.

    Public monopoly judicial AND detention is ok.

    Private, free market judiciary (you choose your judge and legal system) and a corresponding private, free market detention system would also be ok (I would argue under such a system, this incident would have come to light much sooner if it could have occurred at all).

    Mixing the two is just asking for trouble.


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