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Set Phasers… On AWESOME!

William Shatner wants to become Prime Minister of Canada? Why did I not hear about this? Can you imagine Captain Kirk at the helm of the U.S.S. Canadaprise? Going off on foreign junkets to alien lands, screwing half of them, punching out the other half (his choice, of course – he’s the Captain!), boldly going where no blah, blah, blah?


Note that his ego has its’ own weather system

Or T.J. Hooker rolling across the front of the official limo, and firing off a few shots at criminals?

Or… Well, that’s pretty much it, unless you want to ruin tonight’s sleep by imagining “O Canada” as performed by Le Shat. A hockey game would be into overtime before the final “we… standonguard… for… thee!” was uttered into the icy air.


Say it ain’t so!

I’m pretty sure that being convinced of your own historic awesomeness is a prerequisite for the job of PM (witness the incumbent), but maybe a little more actual legislative experience and a little less All-Bran would be desired (insert poop joke here). Of course, if, as I do, you consider our country to be perilously close to descending into self-parody, then Shatner is the perfect choice.


7 thoughts on “Set Phasers… On AWESOME!

  1. Having seen Stephen Harper’s guest spot on ‘Corner Gas’ all I can say is that William Shatner has a better shot at being Prime Minister than Harper has of being an actor….


  2. Hey, Ronald Reagan was a sub-standard actor that became President. Don’t knock charisma, just because non of our current leaders has any… If Shatner’s message reaches the right people, don’t count him out. I like him better than Stephan Dion.


  3. No offense, but if you’re trying to belie concerns about an actor becoming leader – invoking the name of Ronald Reagan might not be the best way of doing. Besides, saying he has more charisma than Stephane Dion isn’t exactly setting the bar high…


  4. Mind you, I agree with you that I’d like to see Shatner as PM, if only for the opportunity of seeing him engaged in negotiations with such world figures as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – intense negotiations. (now that I’ve put that mental image in your heads, I think I’ll leave now)


  5. No offense taken. I wasn’t commenting about the quality of leadership Shatner or Reagan would bring to the table, merely the ability for them to get elected.


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