Happy Sunday

What can be said about a church that will open its arms to a Holocaust denier but excommunicate the mother of a nine-year old rape victim for getting an abortion? I don’t know, I’m just asking. 


Just something to wash down that dry-assed piece of God you might be having today.


11 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. I read about this the other day. They have an interesting view on the child-raping, sack of excrement stepfather’s role in the events that lead to the abortion, don’t they?


  2. My favourite bit is this:

    “God’s law is above any human law. So when a human law … is contrary to God’s law, this human law has no value,” Cardoso had said.

    Yeah, the law of My Invisible Best Friend over-rides “human” law. Nice out, that. Fuck Jesus, fuck Allah, fuck Thor, fuck all y’all. The sooner we get past this religion thing the better chance we have of surviving as a species.


  3. I am sure God is shaking his head over these stupid bishops who have been smoking the incense a little to deeply. Of all the good things the church has done over the years, to have these shit-head, power-hungry, doorknobs excommunicate those victims of the alleged rapist stepdad, sure makes it difficult to justify going to church. After this I would not mind having those bishops raped by the stepdad and have them tell everyone it is ok. I know most of the Koggers are athiest and my friends. I respect their view point and I believe they respect mine. I still believe in the spirit of the church, however, I will never believe what happened down in Brazil is something that I and most catholics would ever condone (yes, the excommunication of the real victims). It is a sad day!


  4. It’s easy to say “oh that’s just the Catholics…” or “Catholics do such good things otherwise, but…”, but we all know that theism itself is the real problem.


  5. “God’s law is above any human law” is the same sort of elitist, misogynist idiocy that is used to validate sharia law – sorry, no justice for you, god told me that you don’t deserve it. This is one of the best arguments for the separation of church and state that I’ve seen for a while.
    If you look at this decision, and others that are made by the catholics, the systematic war on womens’ rights is quickly exposed. If we make claims not to be hypocritical about imposing our values on Arab states using the excuse of their systematic dehumanizing of women, we sure as hell better deal with our own implicit tolerance of an archaic, monolithic, male-only system of institutionalized abuse in our own backyards.


  6. Is there misogyny in the Catholic Church, Flash? Certainly, and I’ll agree with you that it’s something that should be addressed – however, you’ll forgive me if I’m less than underwhelmed by Kevvyd’s argument that I’m a misogynist simply because I attend a Church every Sunday, when he’s perfectly happy to tolerate misogyny on his favourite TV Show.


  7. Well, Dan, I can’t speak for all religions, and there are some groups that have made meaningful strides in admitting women to the clergy, to use one example you are quite familiar with. 🙂 There are others, I’m sure. My point was specifically related to catholicism and islam.
    The Catholic Church, and the advocates of sharia law, are, to my mind, among the most blatently misogynist groups in existence – and what’s worse is that they have a structure to back them up.
    Am I missing something about Kevvy calling you a misogynist? I didn’t see that anywhere.


  8. Non-sequitar much? Some feminist taking issue with the harsh (and soft) scenes in BSG doesn’t really change the fact that ALL THE ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS ARE FOUNDED ON A BASIS OF MISOGYNY.

    The Bible clearly states that women sit below men in the grand scheme of things. Eve was made of Adam’s rib to serve him. She is blamed for the expulsion from Eden. In true old testament, fashion, non-virgin brides are stoned to death in Deuteronomy (nothing mentioned about the treatment of non-virgin grooms). Switching to more ‘modern’ writings from the new testament, women are not allowed to teach or have authority over men (Timothy). Both the new and old testaments have examples of the subordination and unfair treatment of women. I don’t care how touchy-feely your sect is, Christianity itself was founded on a basis of misogyny.


  9. Maybe I misinterpreted his comment on ‘the problem is not Catholics, the problem is theism’ – just seemed to be a generalization. I’ll agree with your statement that the Catholic Church, and Sharia Islam have a definite problem with misogynism – I’ll also throw in Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and the Southern Baptist Convention. However, I do think that it’s, once again, a generalization to say that it’s solely confined to theists, which was the purpose for my links on BSG. For that matter, there’s plenty of misogynism in comic books as well, look up the term ‘Women in Fridges’ sometime…


  10. I wasn’t actually attacking Christians, per se, nor Catholicism in particular, I don’t remember saying “Dan is a woman-hating pig”, nor was I actually even specifically citing mysogyny in my comments, though there is that aplenty in this example. You touched on it in your followup, Dan, I’m attacking theism. My problem is, as Flash pointed out more clearly in a followup comment, is with “God’s” Law over “Man’s” Law. People can be free to believe whatever airy-fairy shit they want, but it had better stay inside their own bloody heads and sure as hell stay well away from laws and courts. We cannot hope to make a stand against Allah’s Sharia if we can’t fend off our own God-botherers.

    As for the BSG strawman, I won’t even dignify that with a response.


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