The funniest thing I’ve read all day…

After the Necropublicans set US medical science back half a generation by disallowing federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, their response to Barack Obama’s announcement today reversing this policy:

“I believe Barack Obama is turning the clock back and ten years ago, it sounded like embryonic stem cells were the future,” Republican New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith said on CNN.

The Daily Show sometimes doesn’t need writers.


8 thoughts on “The funniest thing I’ve read all day…

  1. What, and rob me of the amusement of seeing what idiocy can come out of his mouth? Besides, Fox News is like Marvel Comics HYDRA – cut off one talking head, two more will arise in it’s place….


  2. Following in the lead of Tom Tomorrow from This Modern World I say that from here on on we refer to him only as “Crazy Glenn Beck”, or CBG if you prefer brevity. You can’t say its not an truthful description.


  3. Sorry. That one is too close to “TIM” the remarkably similar acronym I used to use for a corporal that worked for me and whose name I decline to give, even though I’m positive that he’s too stupid to use the intertubes, or hire a lawyer if he could figure out the defaming reference. Actually Dan, if you think about it a bit you may know who I refer to. In any case my recommendation for Crazy Glenn Beck stands. Anyone have another option? Lets get this ball rolling.


  4. I’m not sure – also a bit close to CBGB’s, the club in New York where The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, etc. got their start…
    Wouldn’t it be CGB, anyway?
    What about labelling this stuff as DGBE’s? Demented Glenn Beck Emissions? (Digbies?)


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