What are you doing tonight?

Don’t know about you, but I’m watching Jon Stewart and his guest, Jim Cramer.

8 thoughts on “What are you doing tonight?

  1. Jeebus. Cramer’s a sociopath. Viacom should probably have him go through a metal detector before appearing. Jon’s too important an asset to lose to a maniac.


  2. Okay guys, you HAVE to watch it when The Comedy Network puts last night’s epidode online; it was fucking brilliant. I haven’t seen The Daily Show ever look more like 60 Minutes before. This ranks with the beating he put on Tucker Carlson in 2004, except in this case he had a live home audience. For a synopsis, check out Salon here.


  3. Favourite quote: “We’re both snake oil salesmen to some extent, but we label it as snake oil.” But there are more, oh, there are more.


  4. You might want to watch the online version, too, Kevvy. The Salon article mentions 8 extra minutes that TV viewers missed out on. No mention of feces flinging, though.


  5. Just watched the extra stuff. It’s a pretty uncomfortable view – Cramer desparately wants to be liked and knows he’s fucked up. Having a crowd behind Jon Stewart makes it all the more discomfiting.


  6. I’ll agree with you that Cramer got a royal reaming, Kev – but on the other hand, I kinda agree with Ta-Nehisi Coates:


    To a great extent, picking on Cramer is hitting at low-hanging fruit – I’m really sorry for anyone who lost money by taking Cramer’s financial advice, but OTOH, if you’re taking financial advice from a guy who throws plastic cows between his legs – you’re kinda setting yourself up for failure…


  7. A valid comment, to be sure. However, there is only so much that can be done in a twenty minute interview. That said, Stewart did, near the end of teh interview, posed a question about the idea of “money for no work” – Fast Money. I think this is (at least in part) what Coates is talking about.


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