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God Hates Figs!

An addendum to Dan’s post from a few days ago…


Thanks again to

5 thoughts on “God Hates Figs!

  1. Hi!
    Today’s a date to celebrate: today I make 20.000 days; there are few ages that I consider to be very important: 10 years, 10.000 days (at 27 years) and seconds (at almost 32); if you try to calculate other – in any time unit you can’t find others so round; at 1 you’re to young to understand at 100 to old to care; in weeks, months (you make 100 months at 8.3) you can’t find so wonderful times; I celebrated all of them.
    I was (and am) very busy but I’ll try to call you more frequently.
    Hear from you,


  2. By the way, folks – on the right hand side of the site Tim has linked to is the ‘Church Sign Generator’ – that looks like it has some definite potential…:)


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