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Dear Africa: The Pope Wants You to Die

Fuck the pope. Fuck him hard and dry, and, according to his wishes, without a condom.

I suppose Benny has to try to make this gig work out, as his support of an all-powerful leader the last time back in Deutschland didn’t work out so well. The catholic church can now officially add ‘depraved indifference’ to its’ list of crimes throughout history. I suppose they have to continue being responsible for the deaths of millions in Africa, since you wouldn’t want to see that batting average go down, would you? It’s the only continent left to house a sufficiently gullible populace that will buy the church line.

Besides, according to Benny, it’s just women, children and blacks that will suffer and die, so what’s the problem?


He loves it when they twitch a bit…


2 thoughts on “Dear Africa: The Pope Wants You to Die

  1. It is too bad the more popular pope candidate did not make it during the last “elections”. An African pope, I would guess, would be more in touch with reality.
    I agree that condoms are not the answer, but I disagree that they should be abolished. I will bet cat-lick membership card, that the general populus are not going to keep their dicks in their pants because the pope said it will stop AIDS. I bet most Catholics are in disagreement with the pope, too.
    Out of curiousity, I wonder what the quality of condoms are sold in Africa? Are they as effective as the ones (I presume more expensive) sold in North America and Europe? Just wondering.


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