economics, politics

There’s the rub…

Democratic senator Chris Dodd has admitted his role in creating the loophole that allowed AIG oligarchs access to government-subsidized “performance” bonuses. Administration officials (unnamed as of now) were afraid of lawsuits that might result should the company rescind bonuses already awarded by contract.  Apparently, contracts for the oligarchy are sacred, even if negotiations are rigged to provide bonuses even if the company loses money, however contracts with blue-collar workers are, ahem, “negotiable”, and “liabilities” and can be broken or ignored.

Is it too much to ask that “unnamed administration officials” be made afraid of legal action from until-now gutless unions? If government officials like Chris Dodd are too gutless to protect the real worker, then the only options for justice and fair treatment are the courts or the pitchfork.

I suggest going with the former first.

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