You know times are tough when…

Things are so bad at ailing (dying?) Nortel that moral for the (entire?) company would improve if their eight highest-paid executives be allowed to get bonuses. Wow, how bad must it be that I’d be more happy to get to work and work hard knowing that my fat-ass manager was making more than your fat-ass manager?

Go team!Up yours

You gotta respect the nerve of these people – asking for bonuses because the management is sad three or four months after laying off 1300 employees. Them’s be Colbert-quality cajones.

5 thoughts on “You know times are tough when…

  1. See the first two lines of my comment on Dan’sHoly Hand Grenade post. No more really needs to be said.Well, maybe something about who’ll be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. I could probably work that in,given some time.


  2. Personally, I think morale would be vastly improved if you took the eight executives out and flogged them – at least *my* morale would be…


  3. Let’s see. The TSX has Nortel at $0.10 per share right now (as they’ve been for months) from last year’s high of $10, and a high of $1200 in late 2000. Shouldn’t these executives have their pay reduced to, I dunno, .000833% of whatever they were getting in 2000? Or if they joined recently, to 1% of what they were getting last July? That sounds like fair compensation for how they’ve fucked over the future of their employees and shareholders.

    On another note: Is this a buy? It can’t go lower than $0.10, can it? 🙂


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