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At least fake it…

In another one for the “us vs. them” list, huge US investment firm and recipient of $25 billion in TARP funding has announced that it is seriously interested in starting a class war buying two new coporate jets and a luxury hangar.  Remember guys, it’s socialism for the rich, the rest get to eat capitalism.

Now that it’s obvious the “R” in TARP stands for “rape”, what exactly is the rest of it?


8 thoughts on “At least fake it…

  1. Well, they probably ordered these planes two years before they even knew about the TARP, and signed a contract, paid a down payment etc. I think this one is all about bad timing.
    So should they sell the planes at a fraction of the cost they agreed to pay for them (because the market is shit)? I don’t see how that helps. Personally I would like to see them use those planes for philanthropic pursuits.


  2. Philanthropic purposes? With billions of dollars down the drain and government money getting poured in after it, I’d be pretty offended as a taxpayer if they spent one dime on anything but survival. There is no other acceptable use of the money – if the government wants philanthropy it can do it on its own.


  3. Hmmn, as a taxpayer, I would love to see them helping communities in any way possible. They should be out there trying to change their image.
    Also, billions of dollars didn’t go down the drain – it never existed in the first place.


  4. True enough about the billions not existing – but tons of jobs and real wealth was in some arcane manner attached to it. As for their image – fuck ’em. Let them be corporate citizens, that’s all I or anyone should expect of them, and they failed.


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