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Fox “News”: I Got’cher Fair and Balanced Right Here…

Ah, Fox News. Is there any topic you can’t bring shame to your nation on?


Currently (according to stories here, here and here), we should apparently be on the lookout for large white pundits approaching our southern border, wishing to invade because they feel we have no army. This, and the rest of the pinheaded discussion on Fox News, was in response to General Andrew Leslie’s comment that our troops will require some rest after the Afghan mission is complete in 2011. Our armed forces are mocked for needing “manicures and pedicures”, along with this gem:

“…the Canadian military wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white Capri pants.”

To characterize this as idiotic, insensitive and ill-informed is not even to scratch the surface of the insult this brings to our Canadian military. We ‘Koggers have friends and relatives in Afghanistan, and Ms. Flash had a high school friend killed in a firefight not long ago. Why idiotic conversations like this are allowed to continue uncensored immediately after the deaths of so many of our best and brightest is beyond me – THIS is why many Canadians dislike, or openly hate, Americans. This vocal, mindless minority spewing ignorance on the airwaves.

How about this: instead of the planned invasion of fat-assed right wing blowhards, let’s hand each of them a rifle and send them to spend some time with our troops. After they’re done shitting themselves they will be entitled to an opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your edification, I present the incriminating footage (try not to eat before watching):

Read the comments on the video over at Youtube, it’s more than worth it – for a change.

Remember 1812.

Addendum: Aw, He’s sorry. He says it was s’posed to be funny. It wasn’t.


2 thoughts on “Fox “News”: I Got’cher Fair and Balanced Right Here…

  1. Thanks for the show of support. Some of us ‘koggers (myself included) are serving members of the military and yes, I’m pissed that some bone-idle talking head wants to insult us from the safety of his TV studio. Having said that, if I’m honest about it it wasn’t that long ago that our fellow Canadian citizens had basicly the same view of us. That’s gone now, for the most part but it does allow me to be philosophical about this sort of thing. I personally have done things and been in situations that quite frankly the personalities at Fox don’t even have the parts to do themselves. If they want to use us score some cheap points with the knuckledraggers and mouth breathers that watch their shows let them. We know what we’ve done and what we can do. That’s enough for us.


  2. What a bunch of miserable assholes. You wanna start a fight in the coffee line in KAF? Show these motherfuckers to the Canadians. You’re welcome, USA, for helping you fight *your* war. Next time, don’t come knockin’.


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