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Final Score: G-19, P-1


Oh, Steve. Couldn’t you hold it for just a minute longer? The happy group photo-op time is not the correct moment to drain the prime ministerial weasel. Although the PMO denies this is the case, apparently this constitutes actual proof that our Prime Monster has human bodily functions. Once he was done standing on guard for thee, he rushed back for the re-do of the photo.

Of course, the jovial U.S. President Barack Obama couldn’t resist giving Steve a hard time for his absence.


“Wait, you DID wash your hands, right?”

So, should Steve ever find himself in an elevator with actress Christine Lahti, they’ll at least have something to chat about.


4 thoughts on “Final Score: G-19, P-1

  1. Actually, the pee story was found to be untrue.

    Nonetheless, maybe he said, ” screw this joke” and left.


  2. I’m surprised they noticed his absence, whatever the reason. It was kind of funny for Angela Merkel to be gesticulating to the empty space next to her, trying to let people know of the missing leader. I sort of expected her to annex the empty spot, so she’d have more living space.


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