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Did you see him repressing me, you saw it, didn’t you?

“(It’s) astonishing, given that it appears obvious in any democratic state that the Holy Father and the Church are free to express their own positions”

So whines Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Church of the Flying Jewish Zombie on news of the Belgian government’s resolution condemning the Pope’s recent remarks against the use of condoms in the fight agains HIV/AIDS.

First off, despite Lombardi’s plea for “freedom”, the Belgian government was not denying the church or it’s head death cultist the right to speak – it was simply giving bullshit it’s proper name. The protection of free speech does not immunize one from criticism, especially when one’s views are dangerously stupid. In fact, one could argue that it is the government’s responsibility to decry this kind of statement from one who bewilderingly has authority over so much.  Wither Stevie? Oh yeah, he’s on the can and the rest of his government are Creationist nut-fucks.

Secondly, where the hell does the Catholic Church have the right to say word one about free speech? Can two millenia of suppression get buried that quickly? I look forward to my arrest and subsequent trial by the United Nations after this piece of shit passes muster, if not the smell test, in New York City.


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