The Daily Show

A must see

John Stewart was at his best last night, lambasting the ultra-right for apparently confusing losing an election with “tyranny”.  Go watch and come back and talk.


6 thoughts on “A must see

  1. That was awesome…though to be fair, Judge Napolitano was very critical of the Bush regime and he Patriot act too. He’s not a right-wing nutbar, not like Beck and Michelle Bachman…


  2. I was able to see it when it aired. The man does have a point, doesn’t he? The right wing lost and they weren’t even remotely entertaining the possibility of that happening. This whole “Last Guard Against the Onslaught of Tyranny” meme that they’ve got going on at the moment is just their sad attempt at denying the loss. It’s not them that are making the decisions anymore so the guy doing it must be doing it wrong. They did the same thing to Clinton and they couldn’t make any of that stick. I expect to see the same thing this time.


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