Maybe I’m getting old…

But I can’t figure out why someone would bother with Twitter. It’s all the narcisism of Facebook with none of the interesting little games.  Anyone else confused? Can anyone explain the point to me? (And tell me if you’re twittering about it when you do – I’d *love* to know.)

3 thoughts on “Maybe I’m getting old…

  1. If you don’t understand Twitter, then you’re not a self-absorbed narcissist. Yes, it is that simple.

    Hell, I’m thinking the same thing about Facebook, except that Facebook is useful for finding old chums. Moreso than the internet white pages, for example.

    Tweet – I’m currently eating brekkie and am about to check my overnight junk mail. Tooth brushing to occur in 5.


  2. I don’t use Twitter – of course, I also don’t use Text Messaging, the last time I tried it took me a minute to make a two word sentence. However, from working Customer Service for Rogers I can attest that teenagers can send them out by the hundreds a day. I suspect that Twitter works for the same audience, which consists of the prized 18-35 demographic – I hate to break it to you guys, but marketing-wise, we’re non-existent.

    As to the original question – yes, Kev, you are getting older, truthfully it’s something we all do – I’m assured it’s better than the alternative…


  3. Actually, guys, if you wanted evidence as to what ‘the point’ of Twitter is – I think I can safely cite the events unfolding in Iran at this time – certainly Twitter’s done a better job of showing us what’s happening there than the conventional news outlets have…


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