The upcoming Nova Scotia election

The ads are out there, we know it’s coming, and most of us Bluenosers are anticipating with glee the idea of throwing out Rod the Knob. So I’m going to share my thoughts, whether you care or not:

This will be a fun election for people who like disarray and finger-pointing. The Liberals are still as incompetent as when Russell MacLellan was premier, have a leader with less charisma than Mr. Angrypants last time around, and their various rural parts are off-message already. Meanwhile, the subtitle of the Conservative campaign should probably be “Everybody Hates Rodney”. Good times for Mr. Dexter, methinks.

My evidence? The incredibly stupid Liberal attack on the NDP candidate in Truro-Bible Hill, who was attacked for taking a job in which she was wearing less than a Burkha on Cable TV. That attack might gain liberal votes in Roseanne Skoke-infested territory, but it will certainly lose votes in the rest of the province. The Liberal spokesthingy’s response was not exactly designed to distance the party from this attack, but only to provide cover for the leadership if the population laughed off the attack. And laugh it off we did.

My evidence that the Tories are going to reach historic lows probably doesn’t need to be explained. Ernie-gate, ATVs-for-toddlers-gate, young-Premier-cheating-on-his-wife-and-subsequently-getting-the-boot-gate, pick-a-fricking-monthly-screwup-gate. The Conservatives only gain popularity when they are quietly ignoring the business of government, and we forget what idiots we have running the province.

I don’t really have evidence that the NDP in Nova Scotia are immensely popular or anything, but the other two parties have all the combined charisma of the Republicans under a fantasy McCain-Cheney ticket. Good times indeed.


3 thoughts on “The upcoming Nova Scotia election

  1. I gets me a warm tickle at the mention of the name “Roseanne Skokes”! I don’t know if the Liberals will do as badly as you think, but I still think we will see Premier Dexter soon. Thankfully.


  2. I still think we will see Premier Dexter soon. Thankfully.
    I agree, the only way we can get ourselves out of the three-party mess that we currently have is to let the NDP form a government. That way, when they totally screw the province up, we can go back to normal with the NDP winning 4 seats or less.


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