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Thursday News Roundup

  1. Doctor Assailed for Leaving Dead Man in Waiting Room: A 77-year-old man in respiratory distress arrived at a private clinic in Montreal, only to be told to ‘wait his turn’. His turn came, but not quite in the way everyone was counting on. After his heart stopped, and his dentures fell on the floor, someone apparently thought, “Hmm. Perhaps something wrong.” The clinic’s doctor came out, gave the man a cursory examination (AFTER he was dead, mind), and did nothing. In a shocking yet completely not shocking turn of events, the doctor’s name is Jaques Chaoulli, famous for crusading in favor of privatized medicine. I guess in this instance, evidence suggests private care can fall a little short there, doc.
  2. Apple Pulls Plug on ‘Baby Shaker’ iPhone Program: Apple has removed from its’ website a 99 cent application that urged users to silence a crying infant through a vigorous shaking of the device. Once the user finished, the silenced infant would appear with little red ‘X’s over its’ eyes. Also removed: Jew Cooker and Child Molester.
  3. Jim Carrey Speaks out on Vaccine Safety: I’m sorry – what? You expect us to take you seriously after you talk out your ass? With this mix of alarmist rhetoric mixed with conspiracy theory, I’d say you still are.
  4. Pentagon: Iraqi Insurgent Attacks Will Increase as U.S. Troops Leave: On a related note, the Pentagon predicts the sun will in all likelihood fall below the horizon some time this evening, but will return several hours later at the opposite side of the sky. But only if they sacrifice another 150 American soldiers.
  5. Composite Image Released of Possible Abductor of Tori Stafford: Tori Stafford, presumably the only child in Canada to go missing over the past few weeks, or at least the only white, blond one, stays in the headlines through the release of a composite sketch of her alleged abductor:

0422woodstock188I think it’s sad that Odo couldn’t find work after Deep Space Nine ended.

I don’t say this very often, but man, am I in Completely Offensive mode this morning? In particular, I think it may be necessary to clarify my point on the last item: I am saddened by the fact that Tori Stafford has been abducted, and I can’t imagine what the family must be going through, but how many other children, who deserve an equal amount of worry and concern, and whose parents deserve an equal amount of sympathy, have gone missing during this time? The sheer number of child abductions in Canada (Over 60,000/yr.) leads me to suspect that there are at least a few.  How many of these are from low-income neighborhoods? How many of them are Aboriginal, or Black, or Indian, or… well, you get the picture. And, how many of them are on the news every night?

Exactly none. Sorry to end on a downer, but reality, and the media, sucks.


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