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CNBC – not the network for “us”

Dennis Kneale of CNBC has weighed in on Congressional oversight of TARP funds to banks, and you’d never guess this, but he doesn’t like it.  Kneale’s point in a nutshell is, the banks misbehaved and fucked themselves, but it’s insulting and meddling for those that finance the banks (the taxpayer now) to have any say in fixing all the shit. That said, thanks for the ca$h.

I know we shouldn’t have expected big change in the network after Jon Stewart smashed around one of their corporate cheerleaders, but still, a guy can hope, right?


3 thoughts on “CNBC – not the network for “us”

  1. Those Friedmanite assholes just won’t let go of their fantasy world will they? Maybe they should give back the bailouts, if they don’t like those footing the bill for their greed wanting to know where the money is going.


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