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Volcanoes? Flu?

Weeks before the recent eruption in Alaska,  Bobby Jindal, one-time Necropublican leadership hopeful mocked the Democrats’ intention to put money in the budget for “something called volcano monitoring” and now it comes out that Maine “moderate” Necro Senator Susan Collins forced them to remove money for flu pandemic preparation for her support of their stimulous package. Is there no reality they can’t prepare for? (I bet every fucking one of them is ready to Rapture, though!)

That was back in the old days, when Obama was hoping to get Necropublican support for things. As we’ve seen since, the Necropublicans have turned into the political equivalent of a sulking fourteen-year-old, and are not capable of anything but self-pity. One presumes the Dems are less afraid of filibusters now.

I hope.


6 thoughts on “Volcanoes? Flu?

  1. It may have been put forward by Bush, but it was part of Obama’s stimulous package, and it was torpedoed by a Republican “moderate”. They are short-sighted ignoramouses and deserve whatever they get, and way more than I can give. That said, Schumer is being an idiot on this, too.


  2. Well, in Spector’s case I suspect the defection isn’t really about principles – unless you count keeping your Senate seat a principle – he was going to lose the Republican Primary, and apparently Pennsylvania has a ‘sore loser’ law that would have kept him from pulling a Lieberman and running as an Independant. I think my original point was that this kind of stupidity isn’t solely the province of the Right, truth to tell, Emergency planning of this sort is the thing that both sides badly fail at, since it usually calls for long-term planning, and most politicians can only see as far as the next election. Besides, it’s not like the Left is entirely loon-free:


  3. No, there are loons abound, but at least the Democrats haven’t offered to rename the Republicans in their whining. I remember the old unofficial Transport Co. motto – “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. The Republicans have proven incapable of either leadership or constructive participation, so it’s time for them to fuck off.

    Spector’s “transformation” is entirely about his political future, but at least he’s being honest about it. Besides, it is not hard to see that the Republicans are shifting hard (and rudderlessly) to the right in their efforts to consolidate their base. This is going to abandon more than just a few in either House – Spector is only the first. Well, he’s not even the first, with registrations down across the east, the electorate has already started abandoning the stinking corpse.


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