health care, Michelle Bachmann, swine flu

There is no hope…

…for the hopelessly stupid; the branding of the contagion has begun. There are three contenders so far:

Sigh. Doug is right – stupid should hurt, immediately and a fucking lot.


6 thoughts on “There is no hope…

  1. Why are wickedly cold and depressing countries so nice and civil? Hey, I think we have discovered a new form of racism! Woohoo!


  2. I just watched the Bachmann video (everything interactive is firewalled at work) and I have a question. How the fuck does she get through doors and around corners on her own? Thundering christ but that woman is smart as a sack of hammers, isn’t she? It’s all to the good I suppose. As long as the media keep trotting her out for some pig ignorant and proud of it commentary then the less chance the rest of the world has of having to endure another 4-8 years of the republicans turning everything they touch to solid shit. People like Bachmann make a great rallying point for anyone with non-republican concerns like justice and honesty.
    I apologize for the ranting tone but it’s now an instinctual thing when Bachmann says anything. It’s good to get it out of the way early I guess.


  3. I was going to point out that the last swine flu episode was in ’76, when Gerald Ford was President but then I realized that in BachmannWorld, Ford was a Democrat.


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