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Alberta… Texas north? or Arkansas north?

Well, evolution is considered optional in Canada’s most redneck province.  Apparently, evolution is not ‘science’ ; but is ‘a matter of religion’, according to Premier Ed Stelmach.  Under a proposed bill, parents now have the right to pull their children out of classes dealing with topics like evolution and homosexuality.

I knew the province was overrun with delusional, religious, redneck dumbf***s; but….  Are you guys TRYING to make yourselves look like fundamentalist jackasses?

6 thoughts on “Alberta… Texas north? or Arkansas north?

  1. Down with evolution and homosexuality – the twin pillars of evil secularism! At what point do we start charging people that “educate” their children in religion with child abuse? Seriously.


  2. Maybe the rest of the provinces need to take the following stance, should the bill pass: Any child graduating with a highschool diploma from Alberta, and who wants to continue in biological science or medicine, will have to take remedial courses in the sciences to ensure they meet the minimum standards for entry to a credited university.


  3. You’d think that in a province that owes so much of its wealth directly to geology the population would have a … oh wait, God put the oil there, right…


  4. Arkansas and Texas are actually fantastic places to live. If a resident doesn’t like what the government mandates for K-12 education there, the parent can always send their kids to a private school or home school.


  5. I’ve never been to Arkansas, but my father-in-law lived in Texas and loved it. I visited a couple of times and thought it was great. The freedom to send kids to private school and to home school exists here, but I think that it’s different than in some states where the private schools actually receive money somehow from the government. Here they don’t, so private schools are for the better off.


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