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I don’t deserve no respect…

“This is a time to focus on the budget, pass the capital stimulus plan and then move forward”

Those would be the words of Premier Rodney Dangerfield MacDonald, and they are words that would possibly be deserving of some respect if they didn’t come from a man who had delayed the budget until May amid an economic crisis in fear for his pay cheque.  But they don’t and he doesn’t, and it’s about time that we kicked his ass to the curb, or to whatever posting his boss Stephen has lined up for him for being a good little brown bluenosed soldier.

Anyone out there have a count on the number of days these clowns sat in session over the past three years?


5 thoughts on “I don’t deserve no respect…

  1. I can envision a government that has actually achieved some level of competence, and doesn’t need to tweak the system with legislation. And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I can envision an activist government that’s out to upturn the system in all sorts of horrible ways, and so has to meet for months on end to fuck things up.

    So, the actual number of days a leg meets may not be the best measure.

    But that’s all in the abstract. You’re absolutely right: Rodney didn’t call the legislature into session because he saw a political advantage to delaying the budget into a time of crisis. Besides being bullshit, it’s also politically stupid. Ain’t nobody not seeing this for what it is.


  2. When a government has actual governance as its goal, a minoirty situation can result in lots of hard work in and out of the legislature to keep things moving along and build a positive record for the next election. However, when the government is there simply to be in power (rather than to actually govern), every day in the legislature is a pending death sentance rather than an opportunity. This means being in session is a simply a threat to the pay cheque.

    The worst part of the political scene here is that getting and staying elected seems to be the end goal – always.


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