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Let the shoe drop…

The Nova Scotia provincial Conservatives have finally set out the budget, only a month after the start of the fiscal year and a mere five months after the legislature last got together for a congenial chat. Not only that, they’ve conveniently redefined the word “surplus” and demanded a change in laws to account for that new definition. This government has demonstrated time and again, but not showing up and by not doing anything when they do, that they exist only to collect their MLA and ministerial salaries. It’s time to be rid of them. For too long we’ve been led nowhere by idiots good only at treading water in the province’s salary pool – idiots that have built up an enormouse debt through croney collusions and backroom deals, with no vision for our future. It’s time to shine a light on the roaches in the legislature and start cleaning house. Oh that we could break free from our Liberal/Conservative voting record and dare to try something a little new. Oh, to dream!

Update: There, that was quick!


3 thoughts on “Let the shoe drop…

  1. What exactly is the NS Tory party’s motto anyway? “It’s a Great Job If You Can Avoid It”? I’ve often said of our PM that he believes in nothing so strongly than that he should be the one in charge. Rodney was just Harper writ small and without any vision beyond a celtic fiddle themed tourism ad. That he would be willing to put the province further into debt to balance the budget in preperation for his engineered election call just proves him to be the self-serving, opportunistic bastard that I’ve always thought that he was. With a bit of luck and some effective campaigning on Daryl Dexter’s part MacDonald will soon be back home, arms wrapped around his favourite fiddle, gently sobbing himself to sleep and wondering if Peter MacKay needs any help with his potatoe patch.


  2. Oops. My spelling is actually quite good. My typing, particularly at three in the morning, sucks. If it weren’t for all the benefits of my job I’d be looking for one that allows a more normal life. I think that my statement still stands though. Momentary spelling lapses aside.


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