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With a Move Showing Staggering Levels of Genius…

..The fiddler locks up the crotchety old man and nervous old lady vote. If there’s  anything that shows that the NS Conservative party has both run out of ideas and conceded that no-one under 65 is going to vote for them anyway it’s this. Really Rodney, I know it’ll play well with the old folks who vote for you, and God knows, they don’t like the looks of those teenagers, but with all the PR disasters of the last few years to make up for this is the best you can do? A curfew? Giving them ATV’s didn’t pan out, so now maybe you’ll remind them that they’re pariahs until they hit middle age?  Sure, it’s a safe bet, chasing votes by pissing off people who are too young to vote for you anyway and it does appeal to the “hang’em high” crowd, which seems to be the natural constituancy of the Canadian conservative. However Nova Scotia is suffering from a steady and damaging drain from the younger end of it’s population which is doing a number on it’s labour pool. Is there someone in the Conservative party who can explain  how reinforcing the “As soon as I can do it I’m outta this backwards-ass dump ” viewpoint is going to solve this problem? Or have they decided that as this demographic will be leaving shortly anyway  they can safely be fucked over. Not that I would blame anyone for leaving the low wage ghetto that is Nova Scotia but that’s another post. This will be a stupid, barely enforcable law that will leave the province open to court challenges from any15 and under kid with parents can find a lawyer with even a minimal grasp of how the constitution applies to age specific laws. Rodney has just stated his willingness to screw the province’s future and embrace a costly lawsuit or two just to get a couple of votes and keep those damned kids off his lawn.


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