NDP majority: what does it mean for Nova Scotia?

I have no idea! But it’s always nice to be wandering into the unknown. Let’s take a look at some things I want to see, and whether they’ll come to pass:

Proportional Representation: I’ve wanted to see our voting system changed to something progressive since I was about 10 years old and could first understand that in FPTP you don’t vote for something, you vote against something. Unfortunately, I don’t see Dexter moving towards a fair vote system in his first term. Why not? First off, it wasn’t one of the campaign promises. Second, it would be considered “risky” (even though most of the rest of the world has discarded FPTP), and the last thing the NSNDP want to be seen as is “risky”. This election wasn’t about big, sweeping change so much as it was about ending the incompetence, dishonesty, and corruption Nova Scotians have continually voted for in the other two parties.

Fiscal Responsibility: This province’s finances are in shambles. Our debt is too big for our population (and income) to handle. The Conservatives have shackled us with yet another unbalanced budget. I have no idea how Dexter can fix this legacy of mismanagement gifted to us by the other two parties, especially during a global depression. My only hope is that he uses government investment as a tool to create local infrastructure, to keep small businesses opening and growing, and to stimulate green investment in our energy sector, such as it is.

On that last point, Dexter may have to do something surprising with NS Power, perhaps allowing competition in the local energy sector and removing the corporation’s guaranteed 10% profit margin, or maybe legislating ceilings for their executive salaries and bonuses. Perhaps they’ll need to turn it into a crown corporation again. I don’t know, but I do know that NS Power represents a huge infrastructure stumbling block for this province, given their high power rates and their inconsistency with the whole power delivery thing.

Provincial-Federal relations: Oh shit. We have an NDP government provincially, and a spiteful, heartless fucker who doesn’t care if the people of this province all starve to death on his watch, just to spite our uppityness. He probably thinks we should just all move to Alberta already. These relations could sour a bit, methinks. Probably not as much as the relations between the feds and Newfoundland (we love you, Danny!), but we may be getting the pointy end of the federal stick soon enough.

That’s all I can think of this morning. Enjoy the moment, everyone! The real work of unraveling the disasters of the past 140 years begins today!


8 thoughts on “NDP majority: what does it mean for Nova Scotia?

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t see Dexter moving towards a fair vote system in his first term. Why not? First off, it wasn’t one of the campaign promises. Second, it would be considered “risky”

    Two cop-outs. Neither the Liberals in Ontario or BC campaigned on this issue and it wasn’t risky for them. There’s simply no excuse for Dexter not to implement the same process that Ontario and BC did.


  2. The processes in Ontario and BC were failures, from my point of view. You need to educate the public on why PR is better than FPTP before you can ask them to vote for a change. I’m hoping that Dexter will task some junior MLA to educate the population during his first term, and then campaign on a promise to change the system during the next election. You really need a lot of momentum and some deep (informational) roots to counter the ignorance peddled by the corporate media on this issue.


  3. Hello again guys,

    The Atlantica Party’s view on the NDP majority government is concern over the majority status of the government rather than the choice of party. We see no difference between the three mainstream parties (aside from the personality of the Premier) on the major issues (ie electoral reform, popular sovereignty, making NS a Celtic Tiger, Atlantic Union). Now that the government has a complete grip on the legislature there is no oversight, no restraint, no accountability on the government. The government is now free to push policy through with no public debate or input from electors.



  4. Tim – it’s probably the Royal ‘We’. It is a bit much that Jonathan’s invoking the ‘Celtic Tiger’, since the Tiger’s gone the way of the Dodo – indeed, Ireland looks to be facing a depression:


    This calls to mind a quote to go with the one on the Atlantica Party’s Homepage from ‘Einstein’ – something about the worth of generals who are prepared to fight the last war – incidently, Jonathan, that isn’t even a proper Einstein quote:


    If you want people to vote for you, you really should learn to do basic research…


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