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A Loss for Canada, and the World, Unheralded

I’d like to bid farewell to Jan Rubes, the Czech immigrant to Canada who was near-ubiquitous in Canadian media (as well as American media, e.g. the Amish father in Witness) for many years. It’s a shame that we got so caught up in the frenzy surrounding jacko that we didn’t take the time to say goodbye to a cherished cultural icon in our own country.


6 June 1920 – 29 June 2009

Rubes was a man of many talents – I remember him as an actor, one who always exuded a warm, fatherly charm, but he was also an accomplished opera singer, among other talents. Let’s take the time to remember him, shall we?


3 thoughts on “A Loss for Canada, and the World, Unheralded

  1. Jan Rubes was the first celebrity I ever met. A friend and I were volunteering at an open house at Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre when we were about 13, and Rubes was doing a matinee. He wandered by after the show and thanked us for helping out. Just a brief encounter, but I loved his voice so much that ever after that I kept an eye out for him and his work.

    Too many Canadian actors like him toil unnoticed as character actors in background or indie parts. Everybody recognizes them, but nobody seems to know their names – they’re just “that guy who was in that thing…” I always try to get to know their names.


  2. This is really a terrible loss- he was a wonderful singer, actor and gentleman,
    not M.J. We’ll miss him. May he rest in peace.


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