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Wow, That’s… Surprisingly Accurate…

Palin trash

Sometimes, the posts just write themselves.


3 thoughts on “Wow, That’s… Surprisingly Accurate…

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  2. It is interesting to hear the rumours of Sarah resigning to prepare for running for the republican presidential ticket for 2012. I wonder if the democrates are behind her/supporting her into this idea to ensure that Obama is around for 8 years (not that he needs help). Just a silly thought.
    I am sure that there are lots of conspiracy theorists working on why she left office so early.


  3. Well, you don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to guess this: She did something incredibly stupid in her official role as Governor and it was about to get out to the public.

    The question then would be: What could she have done that’s worse than pretending to hike the Appalachian Trial whilst diddling in Argentina?


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