Reason 1: Mindless Superstition 0

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the Hutterites’ cultural taboo against photography does not absolve them from the requirement to have their pictures on their Alberta driver’s license. The Hutterites’ belief is based on a selective interpretation of an arcane law a Commandment from the Jewish Book of Folktales Old Testament, and is on it own a demonstration of how religious bullshit works. The Commandment in question reads as follows:

You shall not make for yourself a carved image–any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

No likenesses of anything. Any thing. Any thing. What is a book if not a likeness of a thing?  The Bible is a book, isn’t it?

Think much?


3 thoughts on “Reason 1: Mindless Superstition 0

  1. Oh, how I wish that were a final score…

    Depending how ridiculously dogmatic you are about the interpretation, even describing something could be problematic, since description is based on a mental image. Nor could you purposely reproduce an item (a hat, say) from another, as you are replicating, or creating an image of, the original object.
    Ridiculous and dogmatic interpretation of a vague piece of fiction: what could possibly go wrong?


  2. It is an interesting read/interpretation these hutterites have made. Based on the “commandment”, they can easily have pictures of themselves because they are not in heaven (yet), nor in hell(beneath the earth, I guess), nor in the water beneath the earth. Others have interpreted this tidbit to be simply; don’t make a carving/picture of a god and worship it, because you don’t know what God looks like and you might be wroshipping a false god by mistake! Or you can read it as don’t worship the god worship the ideals that the god has inspired (much like Buddha wanted?… find enlightenment/ don’t worship me!) I hope I got that right. I apologise in advance and ask for clarification if I have made errors in my insights.

    All in all, the hutterites should learn to read first then they would not be making fools of themselves.


  3. Actually, Buddhists don’t have a god – they have a guy. They are, in fact, an atheist religion. It’s pretty obvious from the preponderance of “don’t worship other gods” cr&p hidden in the commandments, it’s pretty obvious that one of the primary goals behind them were simply to fence Jews in and keep them from straying.

    Yes, like sheep.


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