Sarah Palin

Unfortunately far from last words…

I feel it is my duty to avoid the unproductive, typical, politics-as-usual, lame-duck session in one’s last year in office

Sarah Palin

Get it? Those that actually finish what they start, that get elected and see their terms through to completion, those that treat those who elected them with enough respect to finish the term they were elected for, are dumb-asses participating in “unproductive, typical, politics-as-usual, lame-duck session(s)”. Why would anyone want to vote for anyone so unproductive? If this was spoken by someone as stupid as Sarah Palin, I would attribute it to a rhetorical slip-of-the-tongue, a mis-reading of the sheet as it were. However, it was spoken by someone as egomaniacal as Sarah Palin, and she sees herself as bigger than the average “unproductive” politician. She has heard too many whispers from sycophants like Greta van Susternan and Bill Kristol, she believes her own press, she’s drank of the Kool Aid. And the Kool Aid is that strong that the fact she is quitting to avoid ethics scandals from an office in which she accomplished nothing aside from “going national” doesn’t seem to have registered with her.

And are the locals who call themselves “Palintologists” okay with being used as stepping-stones.?

“You betcha!”

These are of course sadly not the words of someone stepping out of the limelight of high office – it is larded with too many references to “free speech” and reverance for (hiding behind?) “the troops” for that. In short, it’s rote Republican fare. These are the words of one attempting ascention to higher office by first quitting a lesser one in some kind of reverse-failure ploy – a strategic Jedi mind trick in which a defeat is a “strategic withdrawal”, a Dunkirk. That this might work, that this incomprehensibly stupid person could potentially have even the remotest chance at high office in the once-most-powerful nation is a testament to the smallness and divisiveness of its domestic politic.

Should you want to bathe in her stupidity, please feel free, you can watch her entire speech here. In reality it’s perfect – a perfect collection of barely-related soundbites, just right for the 30-second journalism of the day. (A journalism that has been recently maligned around these here parts, I note.) I recommend a strong drink and a chair – she’ll make you dizzy. Or sick. Or, if you’re Bill Kristol, apparently hard.



6 thoughts on “Unfortunately far from last words…

  1. My favourite line is where SHE told the media to “stop making stuff up”.

    Irony is really dead.

    I’m curious where the media made anything up about her.

    I’m also curious how she love to make stuff up all the time, as Andrew Sullivan has documented.

    She is bat-shit crazy.


  2. I don’t think she’s going to slink away but as a spectator to her and Todd’s media antics, I have to say I’m tired of seeing her name in print, she’s boring and redundant with about as much substance as moose lard;
    Why does she keep rabbiting on about serving “the people” when more than half the folks in the great State of Alaska, don’t want her service. Her self serving behavior and demeanor, will blight the Republican Party for years to come because- They created her. When I see her name in print or hear her name, I treat it like spam. Delete! But… spam, it keeps coming back. “Sarah spam” Spin that one.


  3. I find it hilarious/disgusting that she would categorize her last year as a ‘lame duck’ year – if the national spotlight hadn’t caught her like a deer in the headlights, she could have (and may have, ethics complaints aside) run for another term, making the reference nonsensical. Completely in character, in other words.

    As an aside: speeches by Fascists throughout history have consisted of short, unconnected sentences delivered with apparent emotion – it’s an unfortunately effective substitute for real emotion and empathy, and usually provokes an emotional response from those predisposed to such things. For example, the rigidly and fervently patriotic (Germany), or those with congruent economic interests that could benefit from the speaker’s actions (Italy).
    Just sayin’.


  4. “Stop making stuff up for the sake of the troops” no less.

    She’s beyond pathetic, however she’s good at over-simplification, the Republican stock-and-trade.


  5. I think they are just one issue away from carrying scary hand puppets to act out all the stuff Americans need to be afraid of…


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