Mr. Brian’s stinky ride

This morning I was treated to the worst of Halifax.

Let me start at the beginning. Two weeks ago (August 1st), I moved from Halifax proper to Dartmouth. I officially stopped being a walk-to-work guy and became a commuter. Like our co-kloggers KevvyD, Flash, and dbfr, I am now a resident of foggy ole Dartmouth. I chose a new locale that is close to the Woodside Ferry, and thus far I’ve biked/walked to the Ferry every day. “What serenity! What fun!” I thought to myself.

Until this morning. This morning the ride became decidedly stinky. For you see, today the tide is very, very low at 8:00 a.m. Today, the raw sewage is exposed. Today, the smell of hundreds of thousands of toilets was exposed to my nose for the first time since the days before a certain sewage plant came online. To be frank: it smells like poop.

Not unlike the hard-working Mr. Tim Bousquet over at the Coast, I’d like to know why the fuck the sewage plant is still shut down, and what caused the failure. Mr. Mayor, you really do owe us an explanation. Make the report public already.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Brian’s stinky ride

  1. Thank you so much for researching and writing that article, Tim! It’s good to see that someone in the city is doing proper journalism. Gotta keep these incompetents on their toes!


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