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This is how the Democrats should approach luny bullshit

Thank you, Mr. Franks. Please let this be a lesson to other Democrats as to how far tolerance has to go. Now get on with it.


4 thoughts on “This is how the Democrats should approach luny bullshit

  1. Barney Frank rocks. Let the dining room tables talk among themselves while the administration moves forward, as they should, to get what is at its essence a humanitarian reform done.
    Have these idiots no concept of history? Do they realize what they are saying/doing when the make Obama/Hitler comparisons? Someone needs to tie them down and show them some Holocaust footage to put this evil, hateful rhetoric in its proper perspective. I know I’ve never forgotten it, and I saw it in high school.


  2. Alas, mere facts are obviously not enough to sway the wingnuts. To me, the Nazi reference is a flag of stupidity to be held high by the mental midgets of the world. I’d really like to see the American public grow up a bit, they’d end up with decent healthcare and a smaller deficit to boot.

    And if they don’t I’d like a big fucking trench along the border – it would save us grief from the neighbours and save them the hassle of having expensive baloons to bolster their own self-worth and paranoia.


  3. These Ameriscams would prefer to hang on to their spot on their leaky boat in the middle of an ocean rather than to take a short swim over to a more sea worthy boat that will propel them into a better healthcare system.
    I hope we see more people having the courage to be being “Frank” about the stupidity in this world.


  4. Actually, Dave Weigal at the Washington Independant Monthly has confirmed that the woman was a Lyndon LaRouche supporter, which of course has led to the right-wingers saying ‘See, it’s the left that’s causing all the trouble’ – which really isn’t fair, IMHO – the Dems have been trying to disown LaRouche for decades….


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