A parallel…

Pedophilia  is to clergy what “spending more time with family” is to politicians.


Why would anyone vote for Democrats?

When they are just another party of corporate shills? Case in point, the health care “public option”, favoured massively by Democratic voters in recent polling and by the majority of all voters, dies in committee. Jay Rockefeller, Democratic Senator and champion of the public option says it’s not over, but it ain’t looking good.

I tell you what, if it manages to go through, and Rockefeller is the person that rams it through, he should challenge Obama in 2012 on the “I did shit for you” ticket.

Is anyone else as dazzled by the stupidity of what goes for “debate” on healthcare in United States as I am? It’s almost as insipid and uninspiring as our Parliament.


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It is time…

80 pastors/ministers participating in the American Pulpit Freedom Sunday have agreed to discuss politics with a Biblical perspective in defiance of the IRS rules that dictate that non-profit organizations with tax exempt status cannot be directly involved in political activity.

“Pastors have a right to speak about biblical truths from the pulpit without fear of punishment,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley. “No one should be able to use the government to intimidate pastors into giving up their constitutional rights.”

Surely they do, but the rules are quite clear – they do so at the cost of their tax-exempt status. This is not “punishment”, it is the rule by which they are given the right to peddle after-life insurance and moralistic claptrap without having to pay corporate taxes. However, punishment is how they will sell it as the jingle their donation plates, becuase as we’ve seen in recent politics, nothing motivates a flock more effectively than the whiff of victimization.

I’m all for churches telling their flocks how to vote – being told how to vote, being told what to do,  is effectively what goes on there anyway. Sheep need to be led, and shepherds need to lead; but they also need to be treated like the businesses they are. 

The tax-exempt status is the last vestige of the church-state connection that needs to be stricken. Bring it on, you eighty pastors; lead us into a new future!

Tax the churches; tax the fuck out of the churches.

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Playground arson – I mean, really?

Little fuckers like this should be “shot, hung, and pissed on”, in the lingo of my mis-spent youth.

Seriously, what’s with people that burn down kids playground equipment? Especially in an underprivileged area like Halifax’s north end.

Time for some serious community service for these little bastards.


In case you missed it…

Click here to watch Larry King’s interview with Michael Moore last night. Short version: capitalism has failed. He’s right.

Anyone have any idea when it opens in Canada?  More specifically, in Halifax?

Now for a musical interlude, introducing a theme of sanity: