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Canada: Switching Sides in the “War on Terror”?

An interesting item in the Globe & Mail this morning about a realistic training exercise that is designed to illustrate the conditions Canadian soldiers endure in Afghanistan, and highlight the good works they are doing there.  The exercise will include explosions and simulated wounded civilians.

All fine and dandy, except for the fact that this exercise, explosions and all, is taking place in the middle of Washington, D.C.


Not pictured: hysterical idiots, bricks being shat

Given the panicked reaction of New York residents when an Air Force One photo-op was carried out over that city, I’m thinking there will be some brick-shitting going on in the nation’s capital. Sure, you can give the public plenty of notice, but it’s obvious from any daily disruption like a traffic tie-up that not everyone bothers to pay attention to notices of that sort.

Rather than a training exercise, we should put this down as a reminder of 1812 – the last time we actually scared the Americans.

Update September 23, 2009: Mock battle cancelled. Nobody lets us have any fun.


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