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Does God Do “Take-Backs”?

I didn’t know that you could do this, but apparently you can take back a prayer. At least, religious publisher Liturgy Training Publications hopes you can.  After ill-advisedly praying for the late Ted Kennedy, someone who stayed Catholic despite being apparently quite intelligent and having what appears to be (by his voting record, anyway) a functioning conscience.

I wasn’t aware you could do take-backs with prayers. I don’t think I saw that bit in the Bible. Or is it like in the old Saturday Night Live skit where you say:

“For those who have given their lives to service to their country, promoting values of peace, justice, equality, and liberty; especially, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, that he may find his eternal reward in the arms of God . . . . We pray… NOT!!!!!!!”?

Or do you pray with your fingers crossed, you know, just in case?


One thought on “Does God Do “Take-Backs”?

  1. Perhaps it’s just polite these days to provide the lord with multiple options, including cost-benefit analyses. He’s not omnipotent, you know.

    Hey, wait a minute…


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