It’s good to honour religion on a Sunday, don’t you think? The new film Creation, which opens this year’s Toronto International Film Festival can’t find a distributor in the United States because its contents are “too controversial”.

When will the United States awaken from this religious stuper?


8 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Um. How about never?
    Any country where half of its citizens honestly believe that universal health care will lead to panels of bureaucrats deciding whether or not to pull the plug on a loved one cannot reasonably be expected to arise from its religious stupor.


  2. religious stupor is probably a safe place for them (no thinking required) BUT it will be one hell of a hangover when they do finally wake up.


  3. I am still amazed that there is still 61% who still do not believe in the “theory” of evolution. Maybe a flood covering the US might be in order to wipe out the really stupid.


  4. With all due respect, I call BS on this – first of all, controversy has never been a bar for studios – certainly it’s never stopped Michael Moore and Bill Maher from getting their films distributed. Secondly, considering the film was bankrolled by Mel Gibson, I doubt there’s anything in it that will upset the religious right – if anything, according to the reports I’ve seen, it’s playing well with religious groups in Britain: Darwin becomes an Agnostic thanks to his work, 3 of his kids die and he dies a lonely old man – they consider it a cautionary tale.

    My bet is that this was a ploy to drum up publicity for the film – and it seems to have worked, there’s a bidding war for it:



  5. Good point Dan. It is definitely a tried and true ploy to sell more to the naive public. As soon as you put the words “Banned”,”Uncensored”,”Uncut” the voyeuristic value of the movie becomes much higher.


  6. kevvyd – it seems Mel didn’t bankroll the film after all, he just owns the company that’s distributing it in the U.K and Australia – Damn you, MSM, and your shoddy research ethics! Nonetheless, there is no doubt in my mind that someone will use this tenous connection to show that Charles Darwin was racist. Regardless, I stand by my original statement that this is less about about the U.S. distributers shying away from a film for it’s controversial nature (look up a 2007 film called ‘Zoo’ – if that could get U.S. distribution, anything, and I mean *anything* can get it) and more about staying away from it because it really doesn’t look like a film that’s a good fit for Hollywood – maybe if Charles Darwin had been played by Will Smith as a robot sent from the future to wipe out alien brain eaters cleverly disguised as Galapogos Turtles, and if they contrived some excuse for Jennifer Connolly to flash her breasts at RoboDarwin….


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