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H1N1 Assistance? It’s In the Bag…

Rising to ever-startling new heights of incompetence, Federal officials have set a new record for insensitivity and callousness. Aboriginal nursing stations on Reserves in Manitoba, along with badly-needed gloves, masks and hand sanitizers, were sent body bags. How symbolic and appropriate for a government that consistently disrespects Native peoples and criminally neglects its responsibilities. Native leaders have every right to be alarmed about the level of help they require from the Feds come flu season. The reserves were hard-hit in the Spring, and this Fall, which is expected to be worse worldwide, could be catastrophic without adequate supplies.

First NationManitoba First Nation – from Here.

One sometimes gets the impression that a shipment of body bags would be the response given by the Harper government to all pleas for assistance from First Nations peoples in every case, not just where disease is concerned.

body bagYour Government at Work

Obviously, this is worse than previous governments’ reactions to Aboriginal issues, but it certainly follows the same theme. When you become accustomed to systematic, institutionalized racism, it’s hard to stop.

See also this from the Globe and Mail.

Addendum September 18: Apology not accepted.

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