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The Answer is Self-Evident

Time Magazine asks: Is Glenn Beck bad for America?

glenn-beckPicture yourself holding a gun pointed at his forehead.

There, doesn’t that feel better?

I’d give that a resounding yes.


5 thoughts on “The Answer is Self-Evident

  1. It’s about time we had someone like Glenn Beck. He tells the truth and those cry babies who thinks he’s crazy better look in the mirror before they say anything negative about him. Society is where it is because they do not want the truth.When it comes to politics he’s right on because I had been in this mess they call politics for 15 years.


  2. And what, pray tell, is “the truth”? Bipolar ranting and irresponsibly manipulating the public by fanning their base fears while staying just enough out of the fray to be able to claim plausible deniability is somehow revealing “the truth”?

    Enjoy your Kool Aid, ray.


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